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We travel around the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria thanks to support of Hyundai. We also believe in philosophy that represents Hyundai: New thinking brings new possibilities.

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Whakaari Rotorua perform native Māori culture and dances from the indigenous people of New Zealand

In Māori, New Zealand is called Aotearoa, which means ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud.’ Whakaari Rotorua are bringing The Land of the Long White Cloud to perform for all the different people from different cultures, and especially the Czech and Slovak culture all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Haka is a traditional Māori dance, which became world-famous thanks to the New Zealand rugby team All Blacks, who perform the dance during their pre-match ritual. Whakaari Rotorua perform haka and also traditional Māori songs and dances. The group’s leader, Frank Tomas Grapl Junior – “Maoriavian”, has both Māori and Czech roots.

Private Haka Performance for Prince Albert II of Monaco in Prague

Meeting with Karel Gott: Music and dances are the strongest language in the world to bring the people together >>

Whakaari Rotorua sang Czech National Anthem with legendary Czech singer Marta Kubišová and her daughter Kateřina

Chinaski with Whakaari Rotorua in O2 arana: world record #breakthehaka – training video for fans

Chinaski with Whakaari Rotorua in O2 arana: world record #breakthehaka


Closing Ceremony of Bohumír (Gottfried) Lindauer exhibition in Plzeň (2015)

In 2015, Whakaari Rotorua were the important part of the closing ceremony of Bohumír Lindauer´s paintings in Pilsen (Plzeň). You can read more in following article:

Frank Tomas Grapl Junior about Whakaari Rotorua and Bohumír Lindauer